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Dayton Ohio
1 Day
Hand Launch Glider Contest

Sunday April 17, 2011

Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Pilots List:
(as of 4-13-2011)

click here for the list including frequencies

1 Lee Acthison
2 Barney Bauer
3 Craig Brownlee
4 Bruce Davidson
5 Paul Grieshaber
6 Joe Mekina
7 Dave Mastropolo
8 Tom Siler
9 Alex Trussell
10 Gavin Trussell
11 Matthew Waldron

* = Click HERE for discussion of the cancellation

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

Our DARTS flying field

Event Details:

This will be a low-key one-day event
It's early in the year, but hopefully we will have good weather and get rid of some of that cabin fever!

Pilots meeting 9:00 AM
First round around 9:30 AM
we'll fly as many rounds as we can, hopefully till around 4:00 PM or so. 
I am hoping we will get in at least 7 rounds
We will break around noon for lunch for a short time and get back to flying when we all feel like it

Tasks will be the traditional F3K tasks. I have them on individual CD's and I'll probably make the decision of what task to fly next depending on the weather.

Entry Fees:
$10 per contestant

Certificates suitable for framing for first-third places
A few gag awards for those of us that do something silly
We will also have a few merchandise items that we'll figure out how to award depending on what we have to give and who needs something, or we might just give things to the winners, or maybe the bottom of the pack.

We will break for lunch around noon.   If there is enough interest, we will take up a sub order and send someone to go fetch it. 

General Notes:
This is a very good place to fly, with good parking, a pavilion and rest rooms available! 

 Pre-Registration and Pilot's List:
We are going to run a pre-registration, but it is only needed so I can get an idea of who is coming and then enter a few names  in the scoring program the day before.  Therefore, please pre-register if you have any intention of coming.  I'll set the final matrix just prior to the pilot's meeting, no big deal if you don't show.  Also, if you did not pre-register, come anyways, we'd love to have you!

click HERE to Pre-registration

Click HERE to view the current Pilot's List complete with frequencies

We've also started a thread on RC Groups for this contest::

Joe Mekina