Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

Dayton Ohio
2 Day
Hand Launch Glider Contest

 Saturday-Sunday August 6-7, 2011
Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)


Please use the email link below to submit your pre-registration:

If you are using a web-based email, the above link will not pre-populate text asking for the following info, it will therefore be necessary to enter it manually. 

No Entry Fee's are being collected during pre-registration, we simply want to have an idea of who is coming and on which frequencies so we can set up our scoring spreadsheet and flight groups. This info will be used only to do our pre-registration, only the pilots name, state and frequencies will be listed on the website

 We will also accept entries the day of the contest, so if plans change such that you can come, by all means do so!

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