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DARTS  2011
Altitude Limited Electric Soaring
(ALES)  Contest

Sunday - June 5, 2011

Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome
What: ALES #1, an AMA sanctioned contest
When:  Sunday, June 5, 2011
             Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM
             First round starts at 10:00 AM
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, OH
Why:  ALES #1, Altitude Limited, Electric Soaring, Seeded Man-on-Man Thermal Duration
Entry Fee: $5
Contest Director: Ed Franz

The DARTS are happy to host a series of ALES events this year, this contest being the first in the series.  Due to the nature of the rules, many sport type electric gliders have proven to be very competitive.  Examples that have proven this out are the Radian and Vista designs

ALES or Altitude Limited Electric Soaring is just what the name implies.  It is a traditional soaring event, with the method of launching being that of an onboard electric motor and prop.  The launch altitude is limited by an approved onboard electronic device, limiting the motor run to an altitude of 200 meters, or 30 sec (whichever occurs first)

See the link above for detailed rules

In summary, this event allows for a common starting height by the use of an approved altitude limiting device which shuts the electric motor down at 200 metes, about 660 feet (or 30 sec, whichever occurs first).  This is about the height of a really good zoom winch launch, so all contestants start at a vey nice altitude from which they can seek thermals

The tasks are normally 10 min maxes, plus landing points.  The landing tape is 10 meters long, about 33 feet, and the landing points max out at 50 points.  This makes for a somewhat desensitized landing task.  The result is that beginners should find this landing task easy and a confidence builder

Seeded Man-on-Man format allows the flight groupings to be such that you fly with others of similar performance.  In Seeded Man-on-Man format, the flight groups for the first round are chosen randomly.  In each of the succeeding rounds,  the scores are sorted in order from high to low and the flight groups are chosen to accordingly from high to low. Thus as the day progresses, contestants are flying in flight groups with like performing pilots.  This Seeded Man-on-Man format has been a long time DARTS tradition and keeps things fun as you are competing with other similar airplanes and piloting skills

Come on out to fly or watch.  Spectators welcome!



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