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DARTS  2011
May Club Contest

Sunday - May 29, 2011

Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome
What: March Club Contest
When:  Sunday, May 29, 2011
             Winch Masters show at: see note below
             Pilot's meeting at: see note below
             First round starts at: see note below
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, OH
Why:  Club Contest, Seeded Man-on-Man Thermal Duration, ALES afterwards
Contest Director: Dave Rice

Based on what I’m seeing for the weather we are a go for flying Sunday at Twin Towers.

BUT, Norm Poti scouted the field a couple of days ago and says there are many horse jumps still on our field. I contacted the parks but Norm checked last night and they had not yet removed the jumps from the field. There is also standing water on the field.  It may be dry enough by Sunday morning to use our vehicles to drag the jumps off.  

The responses on what people want to fly looks like winch launched MOM thermal duration but some are also bringing ALES to fly after.

If we can’t deploy enough winches due to jumps and water we will have to improvise. The wind profile shows an increase to 15+ mph by 2 PM we want to be at the field early so we can have winches setup by 10. 

If we get in at least 4-5 rounds of MOM then open winches and fly some ALES skirmishes.  

If you want to help drag horse jumps be at the field before 9 AM. Watch here for an update on field condition but don’t count on it.

We may have to deal with what we find Sunday morning.  

Dave Rice



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