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2012 DARTS 2 Meter Contest  

Sunday June 3, 2012

Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome
What: 2 Meter Contest
When:  Sunday  June 3, 2012
             Winch Masters show at 9:00 AM
             Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM
             First round starts at 10:00 AM
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, OH
Type:  2 Meter Thermal Duration Contest
Event details: AMA rules
                        25 foot landing tape, 100 points max,  1 point per 3 inches
                        Seeded Man on Man format for flight groups
Entry Fee: $10
Awards: Plaques through 3rd place (the graphics used for the award plaques are shown below)
Contest Director: Dave Rice

2012  DARTS Vista One Design Contest    Saturday, June 2,  2012   -   Results

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

The Group shot of the contestants: Don Harris, Ken Rice, Marc Gellart, Dave Rice, Dan Meyers, Jerry Shape, Norm Poti, Bill Hoelcher, Gavin and Alex Trussell   Looks like Gavin is straying to a Hand Launch Glider


I want to thank everyone that came out to Twin Towers today for the 2012 DARTS 2 Meter contest. Everyone who came out had to help in some way either helping with winches, shagging lines or timing for someone. I also want to thank Ken Rice for deploying his DARTS Central Command Center and for scoring the contest using the Winsoar software. I have doubled checked and he didn’t make a single mistake entering the flight times and landings. He  understands the Winsoar software well and makes it an effective tool.  

We had 10 entrants and were launching into the west. For sure the wind came up but nothing like yesterday. The gusts just didn’t seem as severe. We only had 1 line break and that was before the contest started. Still the wind had an impact on those following thermals downwind and we had several off field landings. Marc Gellart was on a soaring rampage until in the 5th round when he hit the big tree and he broke his Duck sailplane. Marc still managed to win the contest with 5 rounds worth of effort.  In the third round Jerry Shape started flying an aircraft other than his own while his augured in at the far east end of the park. Jerry still took second place with “grave digger” precision. David Rice flying his Paul Siegel built Super V hid in the shelter of the first flight group emerging in 2nd place after 4 rounds but sliding in unnoticed for a third place finish after 6 rounds. Go figure.  

Bill Hoelcher took a glancing blow to the leg when Marc Gellart’s Duck took it’s plunge from the top of the tree. Bill I’m glad you are alright.  

David Rice

Summary of results: see below for the detailed results

place pilot score normalized score
1 Marc Gellart 5,231.91 1,000.00
2 Jerry Shape 4,579.76 875.35
3 David Rice 4,031.50 770.56
4 Dan Meyer 3,905.39 746.46
5 Don Harris 3,670.45 701.55
6 Poti Norm 3,483.37 665.79
7 Gavin Trussell 2,204.52 421.36
8 Bill Hoelcher 2,083.17 398.17
9 Alex Trussell 809.73 154.77
10 Ken Rice 613.26 117.22

Detailed Results from the WinSoar scoring program:


Pictures from the event:

Thanks to Ken Rice for taking the pictures of the winners

If anyone else took any pictures, please send the originals and I work them up for this page: send them to the: Webmaster

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Don Harris, Ken Rice, Marc Gellart, Dave Rice, Dan Meyers, Jerry Shape, Norm Poti, Bill Hoelcher, Gavin and Alex Trussell
event: 2-Meter Contest
picture: 2012-06-03-001.jpg
location: Fairborn, OH
date: 06-03-2012
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Marc Gellart - 1st Place, Dave Rice - 3rd Place and Jerry Shape - 2nd place
event: 2-Meter Contest
picture: 2012-06-03-002.jpg
location: Fairborn, OH
date: 06-03-2012
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Pre Contest Info:

This is the 2nd  of 2 days of flying:
Vista One Design -  Saturday June 2, 2012 
2 Meter - Sunday June 3, 2012 (Vista's allowed though they are slightly over 2 meters)
Dave Rice, CD 2-Meter Contest

If any pilot would like someone else to launch his airplane for him, we will do that.
Both days should be pretty low key

2 Meter Rules:

Vistas will be allowed to fly in the 2 Meter Contest though they are slightly over 2 meters in span

We will will fly the standard AMA Thermal Duration Rules, with the 100 point, 25 foot landing tape, 1 point per 3 inches
Task times will be determined on the day of the event
See the Rules link at the left for further details


Here are the graphics for the first place award plaques, 2nd and 3rd place similar::br> (click on the thumbnails below to view a larger picture, use your browser's back button to return)

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers 

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers


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