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2014 DARTS Hornet's Nest Contest

Saturday June 14, 2014

Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome
What: Hornet's Nest Contest
When:  Saturday June 14,  2014
             Pilot's meeting at 10:00 AM
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, OH
Type:  Club Contest, Seeded Man-on-Man combined Thermal Duration and ALES
Contest Director: David Wrinkle


I can say I had a blast, I'd love say there was lots of carnage, fist fights and two or three broken teeth but that was not to be. Seven brave souls took time from their busy Father days weekend to fly on when of the most beautiful days I have flown on in years. The wind was a gentle ~6 mph from the NE and we set up 3 winches and four landing tapes.

With planes assembled and the pilots meeting complete we hit the skies. The four ALES guys had their CAM units set to 150 meters and it was agreed that after a few launches 150 meters was about spot on to the TD launches. The ALES guys were forced to stand in the winch area (with the exception of an all ALES flight groups) and launch just after the last TD plane was heading skyward.

Additionally the ALES guys were required to fly to a point in the sky (in general) over the turn arounds. By the ALES planes launching last, we had no problems with TD and ALES mixing it up on launch. The ALES guys started their clocks like the normal ALES contest when the planes leaves the hand. I think in the future, I will change to rule to the motor shut off or have the TD guys start their watches in the same manner. Also, I would mention that the ALES airplanes can use landing aids which is normally prohibited in ALES contests.

SO without out further to do...

1. Norm Poti (TD Xplorer 4000) 6511
2. David Wrinkle (TD Aspire) 6451
3. Greg "Doc" Bell (ALES "BOB") 6203
4. Bill Hoelcher (ALES ) 5615
5. Albert Salas (TD Supra) 5096
6. Don Fleming (ALES) 4841
7. Jay Watkins (ALES Radian) 4706

Just as a heads up, I'm going to try and run this again next year NOT on the Polecat weekend. I will also volunteer to run a club contest this fall and run the same format. I hope our intrepid pilots will jump in and comment on how they felt about the format. My only motive for running this format is that it allow more pilots to fly in the contest format without dedicating to either ALES or TD.

CD David


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