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2016 DARTS Unlimited OVSS - Saturday Contest

Saturday August 13, 2016

Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome
What: 2016 DARTS Unlimited OVSS - Saturday Contest
When: Saturday August 13, 2016
            Winch Masters to have winches in place by 8:00 AM
            Pilot's meeting at 8:30 AM
            First round starts immediately after pilot's meeting
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, OH
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: AMA Thermal Duration, Class D - Unlimited and Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)
           Mixed Launch, Winch and electric launched sailplanes fly together
           Altitude limiters for electric sailplanes set to 150 meters
           Electric launch sailplanes to emulate winch launches in terms of starting point (no going upwind)
           Electric launch sailplanes time starts at end of motor run
           AMA rules
           TBD min maxes
           100 inch landing tapes, 100 points max, 1 point per inch
           Seeded Man on Man format for flight groups
           Flight scores normalized, then landing scores added
           No altitude sensing devices permitted
Entry Fee: $25 for single day, or $40 for both days
Contest Director: Norm Poti

2016 OVSS Saturday winners

The weather forecast was for rain and brisk winds to begin at 10:00 AM

With everyone realizing we would be lucky to get the required 3 rounds in, we got off to a quick start. As often happens at a contest the rain did not come as the huge cold front with leading showers dissipated somewhat overnight. However the rain ahead of the cold front built back up and those with mobile devices kept a close watch on it as we flew round after round.

We had 7 contestants that flew in flight groups. We got in 6 rounds without breaking for lunch before calling it a contest at about 1:30 PM.

The winds did hold to the forecast levels and topped out at about 15 mph during the later rounds. Surprisingly very few pilots made time, as often the lift was sparse and tricky. In the 6 rounds only 4 pilots made times in excess of 9 minutes and 3 of them were in flight group B of round 5 when a rare upper level lift wave sustained everyone while they kept their models pointed into the wind while riding the wave.

There were at least 4 pop offs and I think at least 2 line breaks that I recall, all of which can be somewhat attributed to t he high winds.

Sky Malcom and Norm Poti traded off in terms of times go. As the rounds progressed Sky hitting his landings better than Norm and captured the win be a mere 126 points out of 5916 total. A good contest for sure!

2 people chose to fly electrics launched sailplanes. Tom Boyce flew his electric launched sailplane in all rounds coming in 3rd in the overall standings. Joe Mekina switched to his electric powered AVA after flying his winch launched Supra in the first round. those these electric launched sailplanes did not get as high as some of the good launches of winch launchers, they were always consistent not having to worry about pop offs.

It was good to see Dan Myers who showed up after a long time away to fly with us, Dan ended up 4th just out of the wood flying his venerable Topaz winch launch RES sailplane.

With the treat of the impending rain approaching, we called it a contest after 6 rounds about 1:30 PM. Everyone quickly packed up and then Mark Groves then cooked up the hot dogs. it was a great way to socialize after the contest ended.

The rain didn't come until about 2:30 PM which was after most people left, so that in itself was a good conclusion to the contest!

Many thanks to all who contributed to this contest: Norm Poti for his contest directing. The winchmasters who brought and set up the wches. Ken Davidson who was not flying but kept score and timed for the flight group which was short of timers. Dave Wrinkle who provided the club computer with a working printer. Al Schmidt who served as launch master that aided in keeping things organized and moving on the flight line. Mark Goves for cooking the hot dogs. The contestants themselves who were always ready for the next round and flew through what a normal lunch time would have been.

All in all, we were fortunate to get this one in!

Joe M


Results - 2016 DARTS OVSS - Saturday:

place   pilot score   OVSS points OVSS Classification
1   Skye Malcolm 5916.05 1,000 Master
2   Norm Poti 5789.80 978.7 Master
3   Tom Boyce 4398.96 743.6 Sportsman
4   Dan Myers 4311.40 728.8 Sportsman
5   Joe Mekina 4071.24 688.2 Sportsman
6   Jerry Shape 3944.32 666.7 Master
7   Mark Groves 3313.38 560.1 Sportsman


Here are the direct outputs with more details from the computerized ESL scoring program.

Standings as of round 1 - place order
Standings as of round 2 - place order
Standings as of round 3 - place order
Standings as of round 4 - place order
Standings as of round 5 - place order
Standings as of round 6 - place order FINAL RESULTS

Standings as of round 1 - group order
Standings as of round 2 - group order
Standings as of round 3 - group order
Standings as of round 4 - group order
Standings as of round 5 - group order
Standings as of round 6 - group order

Pilot Report Cards


The only picture taken was of the winners above