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Contest Report:

2018 DARTS April Club Contest - Sunday April 22, 2018

Who: AMA license required for pilots, spectators welcome
What: 2018 DARTS April Club Contest
When: Sunday April 22, 2018, Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM, First round starts shortly there after.
Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield RD, Fairborn, Ohio 45387
Why: To have fun!
Event Type: Club Contest, Seeded Man on Man Thermal duratation, combined with Altitude Limited Electric Soaring (ALES)
                      cutoff altitude for ALES entries = 150 meters
                      seeded man on man scoring with landing points added as bonus
                      see the AMA website (www.modelaircraft.org) for a complete set of rules or click HERE
Sponsor: Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers (DARTS)
Entry fee: none
Lunch provided: hot dogs, cookies and water, suggested donation = $10
Contest Director: Jerry Shape

There were 7 pilots.

Thanks to all!


2018 DARTS APril Club Contest Results Summary:

place   pilot score    percentage
1   Poti, Norm 5417.87 100.00
2   Andersen, Barry 4807.33 88.73
3   Buttner, Clark 4736.98 87.43
4   Boice, Tom 5289.84 79.37
5   Anderson, Todd 3130.03 57.77
6   Martin, Jim 3058.60 56.45
7   Dickey, Matt 1391.10 25.68


Here is some useful output from the ESL scoring program we use:

Round by Round Results - PLACE ORDER - PDF format
Round by Round Results - PLACE ORDER - XPS format

Round by Round Results - GROUP ORDER - PDF format
Round by Round Results - GROUP ORDER - XPS format

Pilot Report Cards - PDF format
Pilot Report Cards - XPS format

For reference, here is the raw .ESLScore file from the contest.
This is the file that contains all the data for the ESL Scoring program which was used to score the contest. .

ESL SCORE data file


other pics:
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