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2018 DARTS F3RES Contest - Sunday July 15, 2018

Who: Any AMA member, spectators welcome

What: F3RES Contest

When: Sunday July 15, 2018

Pilot's meeting at 9:30 AM
First round immediately afterwards

Where: Club Field, Twin Towers Area Park, 501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd., Fairborn, OH 45387

Bungee launches of any two meter or less RES (Gentle Lady and Vista qualify).

The club will provide 4 matched high starts with a 9 lb. pull line designated.

Launches will be done from in front of the designated launch line.

The contest will be scored seeded man-on-man.
A nine minute window start, two minute warning and ending horn will be given.
The maximum flight will be 6 minutes.
Flight time ends for any aircraft in the air at 9 minutes.

Re-flights are allowed within the 9 minute window however only the last flight will be counted for scoring.
Crossed lines are to be expected and are the responsibility of the team if a re-launch is desired.

Landing points will be added to the score however to obtain landing points all aircraft must land before 9 minutes or the 30 second grace period.

A special F3RES landing tape will be used that rewards landings that are closest to the pin.
The landing tape will be located close to the launch line.

Teams will be arranged for each pilot to help with timing and relaunching duties

The timer will have two stopwatches and will be responsible for timing the flight as well as informing the pilot of the remaining flight window.

Relaunches are allowed and are the responsibility of the team.

This format generates the need for strategy and teamwork with social interactions augmenting the fun of the experience.

No entry fee.

Hot Dog lunch provided, suggested donation $10.

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