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DARTS Vista One Design Contest

Saturday - September 4, 2010

Twin Towers Park, Fairborn, Ohio
Sponsored by the DARTS (Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers)

Vista One Design Contest

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

This is the first of 2 days of flying:

Saturday September 4, 2010:  Vista One Design Contest - Dave Rice CD
Sunday September 5, 2010:  2 Meter Contest* - Dave Wrinkle CD 

* = Vista's allowed in 2-meter event (close enough)

Entry fee's will be $10 for one day, $15 for two.  

The contests will run in a seeded man-on-man format with a 100 point landing tape.
The landing tape is 25 feet long (300 inches) with point marks every 3 inches.

Launches will be staggered so that you are not flying up the line at the same time as your neighbor. If any pilot would like someone else to launch his airplane for him, we will do that.

Both days should be pretty low key

Winches should be in place between 8:00 and 8:30 AM
Pilots Meeting between 9:00 and 9:30 AM

Dave Rice  - Saturday Vista One Design CD 

 D.A.R.T.S. Club Vista One Design Rules
as of August 28th 2010:  

This is a one design contest using the Tower Hobbies Vista ARF  

Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

We will fly seeded normalized  man-on-man thermal duration with a 100 point 300-inch landing tape circle:
   Task times to be determined on the contest day.       
   Winch launches will be staggered.      
   No real-time altitude sensing devices allowed.
   Landing outside designated field bounders is loss of that flight's points.    
   Shedding of parts on landing or aircraft lands upside down is loss of all landing points.      
   Hitting a person on landing is loss of that flight's points.      
   Hitting the CD on landing is loss of all contest points.

Acceptable modifications are:    
   Adjust wing and or elevator incidence.    
   Move servo positions    
   Replace push rods with other material.       
   Change the aircraft's markings.

Unacceptable modifications:    
   Change the outside lines of the aircraft other than for wing and elevator incidence.    
   Main spar must be stock and not reinforced with carbon fiber or other material.
   Repairs with original materials are ok.
   Aircraft that place may be asked to submit to a X-ray and MRI to prove adherence to these well thought out rules.  

Rules under consideration:      
   Helmet,  flack jacket and goggles mandatory.  

Looking for feedback,  

Vista Ho,
Dave Rice



Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

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