Our field is at Twin Towers Area Park, Fairborn, Ohio

For those of you with GPS systems:
Twin Towers Area Park
501 Yellow Springs Fairfield Rd
Fairborn, OH 45387

However, my Garmin GPS doesn't like all of that though, seems it doesn't know that address, and I believe I have the latest Garmin maps update. I had to find it by searching for "Points of Interest" near Fairborn, OH and entering "Twin Towers Area Park", then all was well. Must be a quirk within the maps

To make things a bit more confusing, Google seems to know the place as:
Twin Towers County Park, not Twin Towers Area Park

But, if all else fails, enter the GPS coordinates of 39.818821,-83.948593

Find us using Google Maps:
Google Maps
HERE is a kink to a personalized Google Map put together by one of our club members, Skye Malcolm.  This link takes you to his personalized Google Map of the Darts field with the boundaries of our flying filed drawn in.  Links to other sailplane fields, both local and within driving distances are also shown. You may have to play around a bit to get this presentation to fit your particular screen resolution.  The "Earth View" seems to be one of the more user friendly ways to view these maps
Directions to Twin Towers Area Park :
Located on Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd.,
just east of West Enon Rd.
From I-675 exit at RT-235 (Exit number 22).
Take RT-235 west to Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd.
Turn right onto Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd.
Follow Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd. to
Twin Towers Area park, just east of W. Enon Rd.

A zoomed in view of roads leading to our field is shown below.
Note you must get off of I-675 on RT-235 (exit 22) and navigate as shown with blue arrows
 to get on Yellow Springs Fairfield Road