Welcome to the home for the Dayton Area Thermal Soarers.

Ohio Valley Soaring Series

Championship Rules

1. The seven contest that will count for the OVSS Season Championship will be the CSS Memorial Contest, LOFT Weekend, LASS Nats Warm-Up, AMA Soaring Nationals, DARTS Man-on-Man Challenge, BSS Mid-American Championship, and the LOFT/OVSS Fall Round Up.

2. Any person may win the OVSS Season Championship, there are no fees to pay to qualify, but any donations to OVSS are appreciated and will be used for the current year operations. The only requirement for competing for the Season Championship is filling out the OVSS Application and sending, faxing, or e-mailing the information to Marc Gellart at the addresses, or numbers.

3. Only Unlimited class contests or divisions of contests will count for the OVSS Season Championship.

4. Of each two day event listed, the best single days score of that event will count toward a pilotís season points. The pilotís best five scores achieved for the season, will be totaled for the Season Championship. The AMA Nationals, being only one contest, will be the only exception.

5. Points will be figured via normalization of the pilotís score for the day divided by the winning pilotís score times 1000.

Example: Pilotís Score = 712
Winnerís Score = 1121
721/1121 x 1000 = 643

6. Scores will be procured from the OVSS Clubs, and AMA for tabulation and posting

7. If a tie occurs for the OVSS Season Championship, the following tie breakers will be used in this order:
-- Most Number of wins in the pilotís five scored contests.
-- Five minute man-on-man fly off at the LOFT/OVSS Fall Round Up with the contest landing task.

8. The OVSS Season Championship will be awarded at the LOFT/OVSS Fall Round Up

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