Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

Thermal Duration Rules

Official AMA rules apply to the following classes of Thermal Duration:

AMA Class A - Hand Launch*
AMA Class B - 2-Meter
AMA Class C - Standard Class
AMA Class D - Unlimited
AMA Nostalgia

*AMA Class A - Hand Launch is distinctly different from the FAI Class of Hand Launch (F3K)
The FAI F3K Hand Launch rules are found HERE

DARTS local rules:  
No real-time altitude sensing devices allowed

For club contests, we fly AMA Class D - Unlimited..
Models from class A, B and C may be flown in Class D - Unlimited
We normally fly Seeded Man-on-Man format fir determination of flight groups
We use two types of landing tape for thermal duration
1. 25 foot tape, 100 points max,  1 point per 3 inches
2. 100 inch tape , 100 points max, 1 point per 3 inches