Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

Thermal Duration Rules

The DARTS fly AMA Thermal Duration Rules, with a few local rules as noted below

The Official AMA rules apply to the following classes of Thermal Duration:

AMA Class A - Hand Launch*
AMA Class B - 2-Meter
AMA Class C - Standard Class
AMA Class D - Unlimited
AMA Nostalgia

*AMA Class A - Hand Launch is distinctly different from the FAI Class of Hand Launch (F3K)
The FAI F3K Hand Launch rules are found HERE

Vista One Design Contests also use these same Thermal Duration rules
Woody Contest also use these same Thermal Duration rules

DARTS local rules:  
No real-time altitude sensing devices allowed

For club contests, we fly AMA Class D - Unlimited..
Models from class A, B and C may be flown in Class D - Unlimited
We normally fly Seeded Man-on-Man format fir determination of flight groups
We use two types of landing tape for thermal duration
1. 25 foot tape, 100 points max,  1 point per 3 inches
2. 100 inch tape , 100 points max, 1 point per inch