Dayton ARea Thermal Soarers

Video Gallery

At present, this Video Gallery is going to be links to YouTube* Videos
* YouTube or other video hosting sites

When I spot a really cool video, I will post a link to it

I'd like to keep the links to sailplane related, after all we are a sailplane club!

If anyone has any links to cool sailplane videos, send them to me for consideration to post here. 

Honestly, there are tons of videos out there, so I will try and keep the links here to the really cool ones.

If any club members have videos they shot, send me the links, it would be nice to have some "club" stuff here too!



Video notes
Raven does battle with a sailplane This YouTube video shows an onboard camera footage of a sailplane as it was being attacked by a bird. After several attempts, the bird, which the author identifies as a raven, was able to take down its prey. The moral of the story is "Always put a camera on your airplane"
Slow Motion Discuss Launch HLG videos This is a link to a RC Groups discussion thread from a recent HLG contest (May 2010) in St Louis where Chris Lee took some outstanding launch videos.  Ohio's own Gavin Trussell and Tom Siler are featured in this video. Gavin incidentally won the meet!  Go Gavin go!