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The Winsoar Scoring Program info
DARTS Master Pilots List to be used for scorning

Winsoar is a simple computer program that has become the standard for many clubs to score soaring contests with.  I am told this is true particularly for the member clubs who host Ohio Valley Soaring Series (OVSS) contests

It was developed by the Chicago SOAR club and it's latest update was in 2009.  That in itself is a tribute to it's simplicity and time tested effectiveness

In 2012 it has become the choice for many of the CD's running DARTS contests

Yes, there are some quirks, but overall it is very user friendly

It is so intuitive that there is not even a user's manual  Imagine that!

With that background I have created this page for several reasons, but mostly to standardize the pilots names that are used when scoring so there is a consistent set being used by all CD's  This makes my job as webmaster easier in the sense of publishing consistent professional looking results on the club website

Here is a link to the Chicago SOAR website where it is available for free:

Here is a link to the master pilot's list that I am hoping all CD's will use:
pilots.xml   (right click, then "save target as") (current as of 3-13-2013)

A little more about the genesis of this pilots list:  Since the various CD's began feeding me contest results from Winsoar, it quickly became obvious that not everyone knew how to spell the pilots we all fly with.  That includes myself, so part of my motivation for creating this master pilot's list was simply to get it right when I use Winsoar. 

As the first half dozen or so contest results trickled in it was amazing how many ways we all could spell the names of pilots.  I have seen the following:

Gavin Trussell, Gavin Tressell
Albert Salas, AL Salas, Al Salas
Bill Hoelcher, Bill Holcher
Norman Poti, Norm Poti, Poti Norm (yes, first and last names swapped)
David Rice, Dave Rice
Dave Wrinkle, David Wrinkle
Paul Wiese, Paul Weise

In any event, I created a master pilots list to make it easy to have all the names correct

What i did was put all pilot's lists that I had into one spreadsheet and then added over 100 others from the OVSS scoring tabulations published on the OVSS site for both this year (2012) and last (2011)  I then dealt with duplicates and came up with what I believe is the standard that OVSS is using.   This was also one of my motivations as we are preparing to run the DARTS OVSS contest in about a month.  As for the numbers, there were 87 unique names in the official 2011 OVSS scores, 79 thus far in the 2011 OVSS and about 30 from the DARTS and MOSS.  I put them all together and came up with 146 names for the master pilot list.  I tried to pay careful attention to all the published "Master" vs "Sportsman" status too. Winsoar uses the ternsm Expert and Sportsman.  This was a bit of a challenge because in some cases a pilot's status changed this year.  As future results come in, i will update this list so that it will be of use to all.  No, I did not worry about frequencies, mostly because I did not have that info, but also because this is something that has to be handled manually anyhow by the CD on the contest day since many people who are still flying 72 Mhz have multiple frequencies

How to use the master pilot list:  Simply download it and put it in the appropriate directory which is generally as follows.  You may want to save your original Winsoar pilots list by renaming it first, these files can be edited manually if you have some unique pilots in your original list

C:\Program Files\S.O.A.R\WinSoar\EventData

All the pilots in this master list are then available when one goes to add pilots for an event in Winsoar

All contest reports will then use consistent names.

if anyone has any questions about this, feel free to email me directly Webmaster

Joe M
DARTS Webmaster